Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

1. How can I get my dog in the next Rover book?

One of the goals of Rover is to present a wide variety of looks and breeds in the book. Therefore, please submit a recent snapshot of your dog to here for consideration. Please note, we may not be able to accept your donation and include your dog if a similar looking dog has already been photographed for inclusion in the book. Click here for more information.

2. Which organization will benefit from my donation?

Rover to the Rescue has several pre-qualified pet rescues. Please see the list of existing partners here or email the name of the organization you would like to support to  Once qualified, you can make a donation directly to that organization. 

3. How can Rover benefit my favorite rescue?

Click here to learn how Rover to the Rescue can raise money for your rescue.

4. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, if you make a donation directly to a 501c3 organization.

5. How is my donation used?

The organization you choose to support will use your donation for spaying/neutering and rescue efforts.

6. Is my dog guaranteed to appear in the book?

Yes, your dog will appear in the book if Andrew is able to capture photographs of him/her. Your money will be refunded if your dog is not included in a Rover book for any reason whatsoever. 

7. I don’t own a dog, but I would like to help a rescue. How can I help?

You can sponsor a rescue dog and have him or her photographed by Andrew and included in the next Rover book. The rescue will be permitted to use outtakes from the shoot to promote the dog and increase his or her chances of being adopted quickly!

8. What other ways can I help a rescue?

Click here for information about how we can help rescues raise money.

9. Can I include someone else’s dog in the book as a gift?

Yes, included a loved one’s dog in Rover is a truly extraordinary and unique gift opportunity. Email to learn how to get started.

10. How many spreads are reserved for paid inclusions?

We have dedicated approximately 33% of the spreads for paid inclusions. The remaining spreads are reserved for dogs currently living in a rescue or shelter and dogs that belong to Rover sponsors, volunteers and partners. 

11. Where will my dog be photographed?

We are currently on the Rover to the Rescue national tour around the country. We can set up a studio in your area if five or more donors participate.

12. Will Andrew photograph my dog where we live?

A great deal of equipment is required to photograph dogs for Rover. Andrew will travel to your city if five or more pages are sold in your area or if you pay for additional travel expenses. You will be required to secure a shooting space measuring no less than 16’ x 28‘ where Andrew can photograph the dogs.

13. Will I be able to participate in my dog’s photo session?

Yes, you will be able to watch as Andrew photograph your dog. During the session, you will be able to view the shots on a monitor and work together with Andrew to select the image(s) that will be used in the book.

14. Can my non-rescue dog be included in the book?

Although nearly all of the dogs featured in Rover once lived in a shelter or rescue, we welcome all dogs-including pure breeds.

15. Can my dogs share a page in the book?

No, only one dog per page per donation.

16. How long will the shoot take?

Andrew is generally able to capture the shots he needs for the book in approximately one to two hours.  You and Andrew will review the photos during the shoot and work together to determine which shot will be used in the book.

17. Can I use outtakes for prints to display at home?

Yes, Andrew will retouch and prepare a file for output for a fee of $350 per image. We will upload the file to your favorite print shop. You can have the photo sized and framed to your specifications.

18. What should I bring to the shoot?

Please bring your dog’s favorite treats, water and a portable bowl, a couple toys, leash and collar.

19. Where is Rover available?

Rover is available for direct purchase on this web site, Barnes & Noble,, Barney’s New York, James Perse and more. Email for more distribution locations.